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enlightenment…it’s what all the cool kids are into

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If *I* were the serenest, I think I might be a bit smug too… via GoComics

the name of the strip is “F minus”…

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…pretty apropos, in this case… via GoComics

how to make a girl smile

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whew! I’m glad I’ve forgotten most of my music lessons!

we’ve update our privacy policy!

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In accordance with GCPD…(wait, isn’t that “Gotham City Police Dept”? are you sure we have this right?)…err…any Nigerian prince who shares their fortunes with us will…um…that is…we’ll use their bank account number to launder–…(hey! are you sure you gave me the right info? I thought this had something to do with identity theft? yeah, I’m […]

but I *do* love her!

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“Sinners can repent, but stupid is forever.”