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well…are you? are you?

( weakly )

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( weakly )

I could see how a dog would think this… via GoComics

it’s no kal-if-fee, but…hmm…

( weakly )

And the perfect soundtrack for this carton.

weakly headers – der

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…because we’re lazy…there, I’ve said it! Introducing Weakly Headers…Because you demanded it! Now you can enjoy a whole new issue of the Weakly, with *just* the header, and *nothing else*! Tell all your friends and frenemies! The El Toro Weakly — where we bring you all of the fluff, and none of the meat!

enlightenment…it’s what all the cool kids are into

( weakly )

If *I* were the serenest, I think I might be a bit smug too… via GoComics

“knowledge speaks, wisdom listens, and idiocy shouts at the top of its lungs. us? we've got a blowhorn!”