nap time

Posted on Thursday 8 January 2015

while-you-are-sleeping (dec7)

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knock knock…

Posted on Tuesday 6 January 2015


This is kind’a how I’d respond to a knock knock joke these days…

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happy new year!

Posted on Thursday 1 January 2015


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call me…ishmael?!

Posted on Tuesday 30 December 2014


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new weaklys!?! weaklies??!

Posted on Saturday 13 December 2014

We found some new/old/missing weaklys!

Click on the issues on the left to see…

issue 3-1 the REAL 3-1 (the old 3-1 was moved to 3-2)
3?? unnumbered (sorry, no idea which issue this is)
issue 1-7
issue 2-5 IN COLOR
unpublished tidbits (like you really wanna to see the stuff that wasn’t good enough to publish?)

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“The difference between truth and fiction: Fiction has to make sense.”
by Mark Twain