I am 100 years old…

Posted on Sunday 11 June 2017

FoxTrot Classic Comic

…or at least that’s how old I feel after this cartoon…

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quote o’ the day

Posted on Monday 22 May 2017

“You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar but you’ll catch even more with a corpse of some sort.”

Welcome to Night Vale

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but that *is* the way you play it!

Posted on Monday 7 November 2016


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they can dream, can’t they?

Posted on Sunday 14 August 2016


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women are from venus, men are from…

Posted on Sunday 19 June 2016

160605 baby blues
…wait, what was the question?

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“Never forget the power of silence, that massively disconcerting pause which goes on and on and
may at last induce an opponent to babble and backtrack nervously.”
by Lance Morrow